About Me

Problem solving is something everyone can do.  Whether that means solving a math problem, building something, altering something that needs a little tweaking, or having the plumber on speed dial (which is perfectly normal and smart, guys).

However, knowing when you’ve found the solution is not always that simple.  For example, if you end up with a mediocre plumber, there might be a reason you call him or her enough to have them on speed dial.  The right idea resonates, transforming needs and values into meaningful experiences.  I know that sounds pretty heavy, but it’s true.  A lighter way of saying it is, “If you build it, they will come.”  The right idea feels right and makes people want to experience it.

Throughout my personal and professional experiences, I have had the opportunity to become a skilled problem solver.  This means I am a detective searching for clues that lead to innovative solutions.

My curiosity about people causes me to ask questions about the human experience.  What makes us tick?  People yearn to be understood.  I strive to understand: What can we do to create a more personal experience that has meaning and value?  How do we get to that point using an empathetic approach?

As a skilled problem solver, I make sure to ask the right questions and untangle the clues that matter from those that don’t.  These are insights that drive ideas, which become solutions.  I really enjoy creative storytelling; it is a great way to define a problem and relay my insights in a manner that engages my audience.

This portfolio is a culmination of some of the problems I have encountered that required creative problem solving.  Each story revolves around a different set of people, each with different needs.  Finding the right ways to meet these needs was not always an easy task, but I am confident with the results of my endeavors.

Thanks for taking a peek,

Stephanie Minor